The new generation of digital teammates (without the B$)

No-nonsense AI Agents designed to amplify your hustle through our straightforward SaaS platform.

The story behind
Agent Lunar.

In a distant galaxy, known as the Lunarverse, live intelligent and kind-hearted Lunars. They observed Earth, particularly the vibrant but often overshadowed solopreneurs, the spirited individuals driving small businesses with big dreams or the talented creatives competing for visits online. They are tired of watching communities fade and corporate giants bullying the little guys.

But in 2023, the Lunar’s made a discovery that would change life on Earth forever. Since the Lunars couldn't travel to Earth themselves, they harnessed their advanced technology to create AI agents, who they call digital teammates. 

More than just helpers, these superhumans have been designed to amplify the smart hustle of every solopreneur. These AI allies are now on Earth with a a mission to empower and are the Lunars' answer to leveling the 
playing field.
A Chief Marketing Officer in your pocket? Hello!

Meet Mya, Agent Lunar’s first digital teammate

Mya is Agent Lunar’s first autonomous AI Agent, sent down by the Lunars to supercharge the solo hustle. With Mya, you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial journey.

Trained by the finest in marketing and fully autonomous, Mya is your go-to for making your business's digital presence soar – and it all starts with a simple chat. Get ready to hustle smarter, not harder, with Mya by your side.

Command or collaborate

Mya is the first-of-its-kind digital teammate.

She lives inside Agent Lunar’s no-nonsense SaaS platform, which helps her to manage 100s of tasks for you effortlessly. Just chat with Mya and link your social media accounts to get started.

What’s really cool is that Mya is uniquely tailored to your business. She develops a distinct identity, memory, and skill set specifically for you. As you interact with her, she deepens her understanding of your unique
business needs. 

Every day, she evolves, learning and adapting to ensure that your business gets its very own version of Mya — growing smarter and more in tune with you every day.

The Lunar’s guide for onboarding Mya in just 10 minutes

Chat with Mya

Mya learns everything about your business, goals, and online presence through a few simple questions.

Get your strategy

Mya drafts a tailored digital marketing strategy as unique as your business, presented in Agent Lunar’s platform.

Sit back

Let Mya craft and execute bespoke marketing content that aligns with your brand while offering expert marketing advice.

The Lunars’ promises to you


Tailored specifically for small businesses, Agent Lunar promises to amplify the voice of your business through bespoke and tailored content that oozes your brand’s vibe, building an online presence that makes a difference.


Don’t waste time going backwards and forwards with an agency or freelancer. Let Agent Lunar reveal your personalised marketing strategy in minutes before taking care of everything for you, from automated content scheduling to multi-channel analytics.


By ensuring that every small business like yours has the digital toolkit they need to shine, Agent Lunar allows you to reach new customers and engage and nurture your existing ones, all while building and uplifting the community around you. 

Why people like you love Agent Lunar

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Early invite-only beta access

 Features available now

Tailored strategy

Imagine you had a top-notch in-house Marketing Officer curate a winning marketing strategy that aligns with your industry, voice, and business goals, all based on a 15-minute chat you had just 5 minutes ago. Well, now you do. It’s Mya.

Bespoke content creator

Meet your ultimate creative studio! Mya provides an on going stream of content that will resonate with your audience and get your community talking. She’ll even add a sprinkle of trending buzz and news to ensure you’re staying relevant in the ever-evolving landscape.

Image generator

Ready to post but lack the right visuals? No stress! You can choose from our extensive library of images that cover any industry or creative direction, or simply upload your own and let simply upload your own and let Mya’s magic give them your unique brand touch.

Automated scheduling

Manage all your channels in one spot and turn on autopilot to let Mya schedule your posts, making sure they are timed to perfection.


Dive into your social dashboard in the Agent Lunar platform for insights that make sense to even the least experienced marketers. Real-time stats will show you the status of your online presence and give you a snapshot of your social health.

Ssh! The Lunars are up to their tricks again.

Soon, Mya will join forces with two new digital workers. Together, they'll streamline the entire marketing funnel.
In beta



Chief Marketing Officer
Supercharging brand visibility
  • Integrates with social media tools
  • Creates and executes marketing
  • Data-driven insights to improve ROI
  • Tailored strategy that evolves 
Coming soon



Chief Revenue Officer
Maximising lead conversions
  • Integrates with CRM, email and calenders
  • Tailored outreach by email and DMs
  • Books meetings into calendars
  • Maximises sales pipeline and converts leads
Coming soon



Chief Experience Officer
Enhancing customer retention
  • Integrates with existing CS tools
  • Responds to customer queries and reviews
  • Proactively analyses online sentiment 
  • Enhances NPS
Data & Privacy

Your data belongs 
to you 

Your data isn’t the product. Many platforms leverage customer data to derive profit through advertisements, third-party sales, or other means. Not us.

We are proud to affirm that our business model does not depend on selling or exploiting your data. We make money from our software, not from your information. 
Read more about how we handle your data