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Your lean-mean-marketing-machine, built for small businesses.

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A digital Chief Marketing Officer in your pocket? You bet! And that’s just the first step on your moonwalk to marketing greatness—no dance moves required. Trained by the sharpest minds in marketing, Lunar understands your business inside and out, making your online marketing a breeze. Shall we talk about the time you’ll save? Ah, too late – we just did 😉.

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Chat with Lunar about your business, goals and even your wildest dreams (marketing related of course). After learning about your digital presence, Lunar crafts a bespoke digital marketing strategy as unique as your business, presented in your online profile.

2. Team up with Lunar

Get your strategy

Think the initial game plan is awesome but needs an extra sprinkle of you? No sweat! Dive into each topic with Lunar to make it even better. Your AI BFF is here to fine-tune your strategy into something really special. Your feedback makes the plan truly yours.

3. Lunar has your back

Sit back

Switch to chat mode and think of Lunar as that friend who always offers you the perfect advice. Out of ideas? Just ask Lunar, and you’ll get a bunch of social media content suggestions faster than you can say “viral post”.

Hello there!I'm Agent LunarReady to craft your winning marketing strategy? Let's get started!
Meet your digital marketing assistant

Nice to meet you, I'm Agent Lunar.

Let’s make your marketing awesome together. I’ve been created by some of the sharpest humans in the business (I promise they didn’t pay me to say that). These humans have trained me with all the marketing know-how you could ever need. Ready to kickstart your plan? Because I sure am! Other than that, just chatting with you each day will be the whipped cream on my rocket fuel latte.

Lunar's promises to you

Don’t waste time on an agency.
Unearth your tailored marketing strategy, created just for you, in minutes.
Ditch the cookie cutter.
Forget generic generative AI. Lunar is tailored specifically for your small business and can execute like you’re in the big leagues.
Your Swiss army knife.
Lunar covers all your bases, from automated content scheduling to multi-channel analytics or a library stocked with ready-to-go content.
Built by marketing gurus.
Lunar is not just a powerful AI coach; it's your pocket-sized marketing assistant.
Speaking your lingo.
Ideas and content that oozes your brand’s vibe while always hitting the target.
Community at its heart.
A playground of ideas where everyone contributes, chats, and clicks. What's not to love?

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Roadmap // coming soon

What’s still to come in 2023

Late October 2023

1. Branded media library

Meet your one-stop shop for all things post-creation—think of it as your creative launchpad. Agent Lunar adds a sprinkle of trending buzz and news so that you can make each post truly yours. Want to start from scratch? No worries, Lunar has top-notch stock photos and copy suggestions to elevate your content game.

Late November 2023

2. Integrated social media channels and automated scheduling

Dive into Lunar’s social dashboard for no-nonsense insights. Real-time stats show your online presence’s pulse and give you a snapshot of your social health. Manage all your channels in one spot and turn on autopilot to let Lunar schedule your posts, making sure they are timed to perfection.

Late November 2023

3. Long-term memory

We’re as future-proof as your grandma’s secret recipe. Soon, Agent Lunar will be the first marketing assistant with a long-term memory. Give it the nod, and it’ll remember past chats to offer even better advice next time. Just ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ to fine-tune its approach and think of Lunar as that reliable digital buddy who never forgets and keeps getting better. And yes, you can adjust these preferences anytime in your user profile.

Stay tuned for future updates!

Data & Privacy

Your data belongs
to you.

Your data isn’t the product. Many platforms leverage customer data to derive profit through advertisements, third-party sales, or other means. Not us.

We are proud to affirm that our business model does not depend on selling or exploiting your data. We make money from our software, not from your information. 

Read more about how we handle your data

Digital marketing simplified. Your AI-powered Digital Chief Marketing Officer, made for small businesses.

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